Andy Bosselman

Andy Bosselman

Writer: Copy, Content, Journalism

I'm an award-winning writer who's covered everything from grubby buses and gleaming buildings to whimsical public art and luxury wrinkle creams. Reach out, let's work together.

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The Examiner

Bosselman: Mayor and supervisors should ride Muni with the rest of us

Twenty-two years ago, San Francisco voters approved a proposition requiring city officials to ride city buses and trains to and from work at least twice......

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The Examiner

After brutal election warfare, Scott Wiener and Jane Kim should champion meaningful campaign finance reform

Elections are often compared to battles. But as millions of dollars surged into last year’s state Senate race between Scott Wiener and Jane Kim, their battle devolved into a dirty war. And that’s why these two are exactly the right people to fix the underlying problem, the problem of money in politics.