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I'm an award-winning writer who's covered everything from grubby buses and gleaming buildings to whimsical public art and luxury wrinkle creams. Reach out, let's work together.

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City Launches Task Force To Study Safe Sites For Injection Drug Users

San Francisco's population of injection drug users—estimated at 22,500—are more likely to contract HIV, hepatitis C, and skin infections, which are costly to treat. A new task force will look at whether the city should provide safe spaces for them to shoot up.

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Meet Mokhtar, The Yemeni-American Whose Extraordinary Coffee 'Builds Bridges, Not Walls'

Four years ago, Mokhtar Al-Khanshali had never tried good coffee. Now the Yemeni-American imports coffees consistently rated among the best in the world. As he helps to rebuild Yemen's coffee industry, he must return there often. In 2015, civl war broke out and he was forced to make a dangerous escape. But he kept going back. Today his coffees cross cultures, boundaries, and messy politics to bring people together over a wonderful experience.

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Meet Eddie Baba: Once An Iranian Refugee, Now A San Francisco Attorney

In 1979, as the Islamic Revolution got started in Iran, Eddie Baba was just five years old. His father had just died and the family was Christian at a time when religious persecution seemed close at hand. With an older brother nearing the age when boys could be recruited into the army, Eddie’s mom feared for their safety.

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Scoop: City Looks To Replace Dog Waste Stations Destroyed By Haight Vandals

Need a bag to pick up your dog’s poop? Don’t forget to bring your own because vandals destroyed all of the dispensers of free dog waste bags on Haight Street.

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On A Challenging Day, Finding Optimism In The Upper Haight

San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury district is one of the most left-leaning neighborhoods in one of the most politically progressive cities in America. Here, as we inaugurate a new president, many find the world that’s unfolding around us troubling.

But for all of the fear and anxiety, we had a look around the neighborhood and had no trouble finding people whose joy, optimism, and adorable smiles uplift the neighborhood.